Blogging University: Blogging 201 The Next Step

Outside it’s a miserable, cold, snowy winter’s night here in the South West Corner of England.

Luckily the log burner is not only warm, but also imbibes the room with the comforting glow that only a flickering flame can do. Before I doze off in the dusky coziness that our ginger tom cat calls home, I must complete todays task for the next stage of my Blogging University odyssey; Blogging 201.

Today’s assignment:
Consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve.

Hmm, tricky.

Now I have to confess that I have been pondering this all day, since picking up the task over breakfast at silly o’clock this morning.

I was pleased to see a comment from Michelle W. at The Blogging U Commons site, when she observed that a fellow student had good goals, just a tad big! This gave me just the jolt I needed; I had great ideas, but yeah also just to darn big!

So after suitable “sensible” thought, this is what I have decided:

1. Aim to double my followers base by 1st June.
“Why then?” You ask. Well, because I am planning the next big road trip will start in June.

2. Publish a post at least once per week.
This will stop those long awkward silences!

3. Invite and persuade guest bloggers to post on my site on a monthly basis.
This should add a different perspective and maybe I’ll get invited to guest post on other blogs too!

So that’s the plan, you good people will have to cheer me on and make sure I stick to it!

I’m up for the ride, you coming?

“All down the line… well, you can’t say yes and you can’t say no.”


16 thoughts on “Blogging University: Blogging 201 The Next Step

  1. I’m coming…. but only if you buy me an ice-cream!
    Seriously – good goals and perfectly achievable. I’ve been thinking about it all day too and still haven’t come up with anything (mainly because I don’t really know what my blog is about) :-/
    I wish you success my friend and am sure you will succeed 🙂


    • An ice cream in front of a log burner…different, but could be done! Isn’t it in Russia that they eat ice cream outside in the middle of winter?
      I had a head full of all sorts of big goals, then realised that it wasn’t going to happen unless I scaled down and kept it simple(ish)… anyway how about you guest blogging for me one day? I thought I knew what the blog was about, but it’s sort of wandered and I actually like that because it become a bit organic and got a life of its own.
      Catch you later, A.


      • Are you sure you would like that…. I mean you probably have quite a few followers now and I’ve got, Oh like, all of 12 I think! (Yayy for me!!! – I love all of my 12 followers – you rock!!!)
        I would hate to lose you any readers with my nonsense!


      • Yeah, of course I’d like you to do a guest post, what’s the number of followers got to do with the quality of the writing? Your pen style is not too different to mine; you know, the looking at things a bit side on and not taking yourself or anyone else too seriously! Anyway, with a bit of luck you’ll get some of them following you and I doubt very much that they’d run away for anything that you write. They’d probably tell me to buck my ideas up and write more like you! If you look back at some of my older posts, lets just say that I’ve got better!
        All we have to do is agree on what you want to write about…


      • Well if you’re sure then thank you – I’d be honoured to write a post for your blog.
        BTW I like what you said about looking at things a bit side on – that gives me an idea for a byline for my blog (eventually!!)
        I’m such a tea-leaf! 😉


      • How do I do that then? Email you I mean.
        Sorry, newbie blogger and haven’t had time to figure out all the technical part of this website…. I’m more of a type first ask questions later type of gal!
        Hmmm, actually I’m the same when it comes to reading instructions… my former collegue in IT was always telling me to RTMF when I asked him techhie questions!


      • If you go to the dashboard and click on the comments section you will see all the comments that you have made and received. Your email address and the addresses of everyone that has made comments is shown next to each comment. 🙂
        If you can’t see that, then I could send you an email if you’d like…then you can see my address!


  2. Clear, achievable, measureable objectives, – top marks! I forgot to register for 201 before it started so don’t have access to The Commons (and all that blogger support) unfortunately, But I can still read the posts and am coming along for the ride. 🙂


  3. Your goals seem good and more importantly attainable. My blog is so eclectic, I think I need to rethink it some. I can’t wait to read about your next trip. 🙂 Linda


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