Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Liberty, equality, fraternity – the motto of France.

A nation that has this week been rocked by a number of unprecedented savage attacks against its citizens.

As many of you will know France is also a nation that I love deeply.

I love it’s geography,
I love it’s gastronomy,
I love it’s history,
I love it’s traditions,
I love it’s language;

but most of all I love it’s people.

I am blessed to have many friends throughout France and my thoughts and emails have been with them all during these past dark days.

To your motto I add one word from me: Solidarité.
Pour ta devise je ajoute un mot de moi: Solidarité.

I stand with you my friends. Je suis avec toi mes amis.


Vive La France!

Je suis Charlie.

7 thoughts on “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

    • That’s a beautiful code and I’ve always done the same.. so blessings to you & Thank You for being Honourable in life .. I’m glad I’m not in a dying breed 🙂 … I have however the last few years realised that it was a one way thing .. when I really needed someone ..the vanishing man would have had more presence . but hey teaches ..right 🙂


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