Who I Am And Why I’m Here!

OK, so this post has a pretty quirky title. “What’s that all about?” You may well be asking… Well, as always there is a story behind it and as regular followers will know, most things in the world of Dookes generally have a story behind them!

This one is thanks to my friends at WordPress, who this month are running an on-line course to help us bloggers get better at it; Blogging that is! And this is our first assignment.

Yeah, I know, the blog already has an “About” page, but to be honest its a bit shallow and doesn’t really tell you much about me… and there is a reason for that; basically I’m a bit on the shy side, but my blog enables me to express myself to the wider world in a way I feel comfortable with.

I love travelling and exploring, particularly on my beloved Harley and my blog has become integral to my journeys. I normally ride alone and I often spend time, whilst riding the highways, musing over what I will write about particular experiences and how I can make that tangible link to connect with the reader. I really want to get better at that and I appreciate feedback to assist me.

I’d love my blog to connect with more people and receive more feedback.

I need to get better at the “technical” bits of blogging that can make it all more interesting, like what the heck is a “text widget”!!! ….So please join me for the ride, it could be fun!


19 thoughts on “Who I Am And Why I’m Here!

  1. I always wondered what Harley bike riders thought of when they rode down the freeway, apparently it’s blogging! haha 😀
    And thank you for teaching me a new word, Dookes!

    And a personal confession, I honestly used to think bikers are scary (can I blame western movies here?) but I came to find out that bikers are one of the nicest people ever and now I know that you also blog!? Just how cool is that! 😀


  2. I can relate on the widget thing! Luckily I have discovered that we are not capable of breaking WordPress, try as we might! So the question I have is this…if inspiration hits while you are out riding how do you keep the thoughts long enough to translate them to paper (or keyboard)? Or does not everyone have short-term memory issues? 😉


    • Luckily I’ve never really had to much trouble in keeping hold of those inspirational moments. Sometimes a photo will help to keep to thoughts going, sometimes i jot a few lines in a small note book that I carry on the bike. Small details such as smells, colours etc. prompt the recall process. If the moment is really something special, it just sort of burns itself into my head and I start to mentally compose what I will type into the computer later; not forgetting to keep my eyes on the road! I am also fortunate to have a pretty photographic memory, so mental images tend to stay with me; maps are a good example, i never need a SatNav!
      I wouldn’t say that I don’t have short term memory issues though. For example if a stranger telephones me, then within five seconds I will have forgotten their name… particularly if its a boring sales call, or is that just selective?


      • No, he doesn’t, but his company is just right next to famous Joe’s hangar 🙂
        And speaking about my husband, one of his biggest dreams is to travel across Scandinavia on a bike, so I will make sure he is following your blog too.


      • Next door to Buffalo Joe eh? That’s pretty awesome enough!
        Tell your husband that Scandinavia is on my list in a year or two. Thinking of Copenhagen, Stockholm, a bit of Finland, then North Cape, Tromsø, Oslo and a cold beer! All he needs is a motorbike, I’ll be happy to have him ride along.


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