Something Else I Love About The French

It’s their trains!

Not just because they build and run some of the fastest and sexiest trains in the world; the record breaking TGV: Train a Grande Vitesse. Which are just fantastic technically and also incredibly good value for money to travel on.

No, it’s the whole social attitude towards fast train travel.

Back in the UK the Government has announced that one day it might quite like to see a new High Speed railway built between London, Birmingham and Manchester. They have called it HS2. Great idea, but so far that’s all it really is.

Then all the “Anti” lobby got going.

The ‘Don’t build it near us, because our houses are worth far too much,’ bleaters.
The ‘You can’t build it here, because the rare one toed hairy caterpillar lives here,’ defenders….and of course the universal tree huggers!

All have started to put massive pressure on the UK politicians NOT to build the proposed, possible, maybe, new railway anywhere near them!

In France it’s all so very different….

When the latest new extension to,the TGV network was announced, to run between Rennes and Le Mans, about 95 miles. The various communities near the proposed route mobilised to get the line moved…nearer to their towns and villages! It’s seen as a prestige thing, to share in the success of the nation and be proud of what is collectively achieved….and it pushes property prices up as well, ain’t that something!

Personally, I think that attitude is great, well done France.

As you can see, progress is being made. They have a great way of building the new line as well; first make a road so you can get trucks in easily, then add the railway infrastructure and hardware…it’s bloody quick to boot!
Why can’t we Brits, who after all invented railways, do it this well?

Oh yes I forgot, we don’t want it in our back yards!

“This train’s got the disappearing railroad blues.”


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