Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Breath The Air!

These last few weeks I have been mega busy, for all sorts of reasons.  A real plus is that unusually for a British summer, the weather has been pretty good and as a result I have ridden Harley nearly every day since returning from our last Continental trip! Yes sometimes even in the rain, it never takes the smile off my face when I’m on that motorbike of mine…

Although I have been riding so much and racking up the miles, it’s always when I’ve got to get somewhere in a hurry, which is OK, but no out-and-out pleasure rides. Last Friday, as I rode across Bodmin Moor in glorious sunshine, it occurred to me that it was time to stop for minute and just take in the beauty of the area where I live. I turned off the A30 trunk road and diverted only half a mile to Colliford Lake. This is the largest lake in Cornwall, a reservoir covering more than 900 acres and located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.
IMG_0409The morning was, as you can see, really very pleasant indeed. The fresh moorland air was scented with the coconut aroma of gorse flowers and filled with birdsong. I took a few minutes just taking in the beauty of the place and breathed in the fresh air. Yes, sometimes you do have to stop and just breathe it in, because it’s fantastic!

Harley looked pretty good in the morning light too! I think she appreciated the pause as well!IMG_0412

“We can run to the far side of nowhere, we can run ’til our days are done.”


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