Looe, Fish and Chips!

One of my “must do” events every year is the HOG Plymouth Chapter (UK) annual ride to Looe, in Cornwall, for fish and chips!

Early last Friday evening, eighteen Harley’s met up and growled into the tight narrow streets of the small fishing village on Cornwall’s south coast. I suppose it is quintessentially British to make an evening of riding to the seaside for deep-fried battered Cod and Fries, but in Looe this simple meal is probably the best example of such that you will find anywhere. The fish is not just fresh, it was probably still swimming in the sea that morning and it certainly tastes that way. The restaurant is just a few feet, or if you like metres, away from the quay where the boats land their catch, so I guess that there is no excuse for anything other than fresh! Anyway enough of this blithering, the food was brilliant and the company pretty good too! There’s an alley next to the restaurant which is perfect for parking the bikes and always draws an admiring crowd as we pull up and later move off.

imageIt was nice to catch up with a few friends and share stories about our various travels over the meal. A brief walk to the quay followed before we rode off into the sunset, Biker Patch Phil and I having a spirited run back along the A38 to Bodmin before we went of separate ways. Harley’s wonderful V twin music filled my head as we tore the night air across the Moor, I had to muse that it didn’t get much better than that!

imageIt’s really good to do something like this, because sometimes when your are busy tearing around the fantastic roads in the Alps you’ve got to remember how lucky you are with what you have at home….. and I do count myself very lucky!

“Life’s been good to me so far….”



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