Good Morning!

It truly is a beautiful day here in Britanny.

Harley and I have just over a hundred miles to ride to Roscoff and the ferry back to Plymouth and I intend to savour every moment if it! Beyond that there’s not much more to say. Once I’m back ill post some  details of mileage, number of passes etc.

For now, this is the front of the Chateau with the morning sun on it. My room front left with the window open!


Thank you all for riding along with us and thank you for the comments and emails, it’s good to know that you enjoy this little Blog of mine!

…and the future, well let’s just say that discussions have yet to begin! Also I haven’t really got anything much in mind, not that I’m going to admit anyway! Always open to sensible suggestions…., but that song, how does it go?

“This land was made for you and me……”

Pût être!


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