Hot Work

As we descended from Col du Glandon, the temperature began to climb rapidly. You loose one degree for each 300 feet you ascend, so reverse the principle coming down, we started at over 6000 feet. In UK terms that’s twice the height of Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales, which is higher than anything in England as well, just for the record! We dropped down to less than 2000 feet and boy did it go hot, 34 degrees in La Chambre, where we fuelled and slotted onto the A43 Péage.

I ride in a flip face Schuberth C3 helmet and I toyed with the idea of rolling with the face shield in the raised position, but actually is was more comfortable shutting it all up and keeping the warm wind out. Traffic was light and we soon reached Chambery where we turned onto the D1504 and skirted Lac du Bourget.

imageIt was getting hotter!

We crossed the gorge of the still young River Rhône, on it’s way from the glacier near the Furka Pass to its estuary in the Camargue.image

At 13:30hrs we rolled into a place called Belley and blow me there was a McDo’s, as McDonalds are known in France. Now am I the only one to get it, Belley and McDo’s….! Oh well, such is irony…! Well anyway, all McDo’s in France are air conditioned, so one long cold drink and a salad later, I cooled down for an hour and did some Blog stuff for you folk!

When I walked back outside I melted!

The ride on to Macon was draining, the heat was relentless and there was no breeze. I tried going faster, no good. Slower, no good. Just gotta tough it out! Took on fuel about five miles from our destination, I always like to top up last thing so we are ready to kick off next day, and in rolled a Harley Sportster, ridden it turned out by a Portugese guy. We chewed the fat for ages in the shade if the petrol station canopy. He lived locally and had just popped out to fill up, funny how Harley’s always seem to get people talking. Finally we rolled into Macon at 17:00, it was still 32 degrees! The coolest place in town was by the River Saône, another mighty French waterway that merges into the Rhône at Lyon.imageSo that was wrap up Day Seven, 204 miles for the day, 1505 so far for the trip.

“If this is hell, at least I’m enjoyin’ the ride!”


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