This Time Tomorrow, Where Will We Be?

On a spaceship somewhere, sailing across an empty sea….

Or in my case on a big white ship sailing across the Bay of Biscay, to Santander in northern Spain.  Yes people, the next adventure is about to begin!

Amazingly for the start of a Dookes trip, it’s not raining! How many times have I set off in the wet stuff? Can’t remember to be honest, but today looks like Harley and I will at least arrive at Plymouth Port Terminal looking smart! Weather forecast along our route looks favourable at the moment too, so screw it, lets ride!

I’ve got the usual mix of emotions before a big trip; excitement, nervous and just impatient to get going. Harley looks the business, continental headlight fitted and new rear tyre nicely scrubbed in all set to go. It’ll be cool if you all tag along again! The ship sails at 16:00BST, don’t miss it!

“Come on with me, tramps like us, baby we were born to run.”



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