To The Somme

Cracking run from Normandy to the Somme today! The weather clerk certainly smiled long and hard on us today, after a chilly start we have had perfect sunshine, almost gin clear sky and temperatures into the twenties Celsius!

Harley really loved the Autoroutes and so I believe did our Wingman’s Honda VFR.

We arrived in Albert soon after Midday. It’s a small French town that still retains old charm whilst resisting the pressures of modern globalisation, yes McDo’s have arrived, but are banished well out of the centre! The town suffered terribly during World War One but was almost totally rebuilt as before in the 1920’s. When I climbed off Harley in the town square I was suddenly hit by the enormity of standing where at least one of my Grandfathers had been 98 years ago. I had to go and find a quiet place of my own for a couple of minutes; I think Vifferman understands that on this trip I am needing to grab quite a few of these “Quiet Place” moments and I am grateful for that. Thanks old mate!

Anyway this is the famous Virgin and Child on the Basilica, now restored to is full glory. You can see what sort of day it has been as well! !


…and in 1916.


It’s been a busy day and to be honest, I’m done in! So hitting the sack now is a good idea. I’ll update with the rest of today’s report tomorrow, I have a lot to write, catch you later!



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