St Piran’s Day

Gool Piran Lowen!

Or if you like in English, Happy St Piran’s Day!

That first bit is in the Celtic language of Cornwall.

It’s is a pretty special day here as not only is there brilliant sunshine, if a bit frosty this morning, but it is the day when Cornwall celebrates one of its Saints and all that is Cornish!  Yep you’ve guessed, it usually involves consumption of large amounts of local food and drink! As Mrs Dookes is Cornish, I wonder what she is sorting for supper?

So who was Saint Piran?  Well legend has it that he came from Ireland and arrived on the shores of Cornwall having crossed the Irish Sea riding on a millstone! History shows that he was an Abbot in who worked in Cornwall during the 6th Century.  Legend also has it that he was involved in the early extraction of the metallic element Tin from local ores; history also shows that tin was extracted in Cornwall long before St Piran arrived!  Piran is recognised as the patron saint of tin miners the world over and one of the three adopted Saints of Cornwall; St Michael and St Petroc are also in that select club. Nonetheless, the influence of Piran  on both Cornwall and Cornish life has, over the centuries, been immeasurable.

All over Cornwall the flag of Piran is being flown, it reputedly represents liquid tin flowing over the smelters charcoal. It’s pretty cool, but not as good as a Red Dragon!

IMG_0070So I wish you all well for today and remember the old saying; that anywhere in the world where there is a hole in the ground, there is probably a Cornishman at the bottom of it!

Gotta get out on my Harley. Only four weeks until the next road trip!

Hwyl fawr!




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