Let’s Celebrate Life!

OK, I admit that my blog posts have been a bit morose of late!

I put it down to losing four good people in the last four months and getting totally p****d off about it! I’m kind of funeral’d out.

So it’s time to celebrate life a bit, French style through food!

Here at Dookes H.Q. we are incredibly lucky to have a reasonably large and productive slab of Cornwall, it’s something I never take for granted either….even when I’m on the never ending task of cutting the grass!

Anyway, getting to the point, I just realised that just about everything I have eaten today has come from our plot of land, which is great and gives me a nice feeling somewhere between smug and humble.

So here’s the menu:
Breakfast; Soft fruit, raspberries and strawberries.


Lunch; Hard boiled eggs and salad. Yes we keep a few chickens as well.
Supper; Globe artichokes followed by more fruit.


Yes I know, I’m a lucky sod…but better go cut the grass again!


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