Thank You

Now on the ferry back to Blighty.

Time for a few “thank you’s,” I believe.

Firstly, to Mrs Dookes for yet again understanding her husband’s need to keep rolling and giving me the freedom to express myself through travel. Not to mention running Dookes HQ in my absence, hope the tomatoes are ok! Je toi remercie de votre soutien et de compréhension amour, je t’aime beaucoup!

Next, thank you to everyone who reads these random thoughts and gibber! It’s great to have you along for the ride, thanks for the comments and emails, it means a lot, ta!
If you like the blog, please tell others about it and I’m always open to suggestions to make it better.

To Messer’s Harley and Davidson who 110 years ago got together to start making motorbikes and boy did they do a good job!

Finally, to Flying Officer Jesse Bertram Reynolds and Flight Sergeant Franck Earnest Brown in who’s memory and the memory of all those other young people who never came back; to them this journey and freedom is dedicated, with gratitude.

Per Ardua ad Astra.



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