Warm Sunshine

Hello people.

It’s an absolutely beautiful morning here in Piedmont, northern Italy. Warm sunshine, just had breakfast on the terrace…it’s going to be a hot one!

B&B is very nice, set in lovely grounds that are well tended, charming owners who speak as much English as I do Italian, which ain’t a great deal, but hey it works!

Breakfast was absolutely full of sugar, brioche type breads, biscuits and jams and coffee as only the Italians can make. So I’m now totally wired for the day ahead!


Have a good day everyone. Arrivederci!

Like a loaded gun, chasing shadows on the run…


2 thoughts on “Warm Sunshine

  1. Good morning!!
    Lucky you. Don’t know if you got my email yesterday but I read about that poor cat and it really got to me as well. I hope you are ok now.
    Just back from 2 weeks leave in the new forest it was awesome!! I noticed you were in portsmouth! I was there twice.

    You take care and stay safe, will keep tracking your blog.



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