Sometimes things get to you!

Sorry if my posts yesterday were a bit glum and not up to the usual light banter, but there were a few things that took the edge off the day.

Firstly the sad news that one of our Plymouth UK Chapter members, Andy Marriott ( Transplant Andy) passed away on Friday. Andy had not been well for a long time, but it still kicks you in the pants. My thoughts are with his wife and family.

Next up, yesterday, just before Evian les Bains I witnessed a small dog getting hit by a car, he was hurt but not killed, car driver did not stop. Plenty of others did though, which was good.

Later on in a village near Gstaad, I saw a cat run out into the road and get run over by another car, again the driver did not stop. I pulled over and picked up the cat and carried it to the side of the road where it died. Couldn’t find the owner, but it was a lovely big black and white cat in good health and with a collar on. Somebody loved that cat.

Having animals of our own, it sort of got to me.

So there you go, that’s why.


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