Goldfinger: Day One

Well, chalk off the first full day of this trip, we are rolling!
I’m pleased to report that the weather was largely kind to Harley and I, after a really dodgy looking start. Roscoff to Rennes was mixed, a bit damp now and then, but OK. I opted to take the Autoroute towards Nantes, by Bain de Bretagne we needed fuel and food and also that’s when it decided to rain like a firehose; for thirty minutes whilst I had lunch.
I turned to cut cross country via Chateaubriant, cos I’d never been there and that was a good enough reason. It’s an interesting place, a bit rundown but has a great Chateau, fascinating old Post Office and really cool Glass Theatre, et voila pictures:

20130621-203736.jpgThe Chateau.

20130621-203904.jpgPost Office, which is undergoing renovation and will be a tourist info office when finished.


From Chateaubriant we followed the D163 to Cande, where I had to grab a pic of this old windmill.

20130621-204544.jpgMy mate Alan thinks that wind turbines should be disguised to look like old windmills, was this what you had in mind Al?

We continued to Bauge where I had a special job to do; more details in another post. After that we headed south and picked up the Loire which we followed and eventually crossed near Bourgueil. The river is more swollen than I have ever seen at this time of year. Grabbed a quick pic to show you!

The sun really came out a couple of times, this is Mouliherne.


20130621-205954.jpg Very quincentennial eh?

Total miles today: 344.
You up for some more tomorrow and get on the tail of Bond and Goldfinger?

I got an open road and a restless soul.


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