Well, what a super holiday weekend that was…at least here in the South West corner of the UK! The sun actually shone almost all the way through.

It was an important weekend for Harley Davidson too, with the launch of the new Softail Breakout. I was lucky to be invited to the VIP evening at the Plymouth Dealership last Thursday to get an early view of the new model; even better, the sun was shining so I went on two wheels…well it was only polite!

The new Breakout is a clever re-work of the tried and trusted Softail frame, which gives a superb ride with classic hard-tail custom look. I know ‘cos my Harley is a Softail!

The Breakout, which Harley are marketing as a “Performance Cruiser” has been styled with a nod towards street drag bikes. It certainly is eye-catching, but I’m not sure that I would want to ride far with the standard handlebars. Mind you, the alloy wheels are sooo sexy!  IMG_0256

The standard model is fitted with the 103 Inch engine, that’s 1690cc in Euros and would set you back about 16 grand, but if you really want to spoil yourself go for the CVO option…110inch engine, 1802cc, tuned up as much as you want and yours for a cool £21.5K!  IMG_0262But you can’t have one, cos they only made 19 and all are sold!!!  Oh yes, my mate Kev has bought one…honest! This one in lace red, with a distressed leather seat and full Sreamin’ Eagle tuning.

Lace Red? Look closely at this pic, it’s like the lace is trapped within the paint layers…anyone lost their knickers? I love it!IMG_0265

The silver lines are, I believe, stirling silver leaf …lovely, totally OTT; but lovely nonetheless!

Mind you, I lived through and loved Glam Rock!  Each to their own…

Metal Guru, is it you?




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