Oggie Rally

This time of the year is Rally season. Not the type of rally where Kev’d up saloon cars thunder through the forests of Hafren and Grisedale, but where bikes and riders meet for weekends of petrol head fun, to talk bikes and listen to loud music!

Plymouth Harley Chapter held the first Oggie Rally last year and a great success it was too. This year the weather clerk has not been at all kind in the build up to the event which has taken place this weekend. Understandably the awful wet weather that the UK has been experiencing since it seems forever has put a bit of a damper on the turnout. The rally committee have worked so hard to make the event a success that it is such a shame to see their efforts almost thwarted by the weather, but the sun came out this morning and all was well! Two ride outs set out for Cornwall and Dartmoor respectively, there were a few that didn’t make it…still nursing their heads after Friday night, good on you!

I dropped in on the rally field this morning to catch up with a few chapter friends, but couldn’t stop for long as work is always pressing this time of year. Unfortunately I missed out on the ride-outs as well. Still, I had time to grab a cup of tea and chew the fat about the latest Harley news and views before heading back to my workshop to sort out various bits of steel that need coaxing into different shapes to fulfil the tasks assigned to them! Pass the big hammer and gas axe!

Oh yes, Harley didn’t go to the Rally this year, she’s back in at Thor Motorcycles for a service after our exertions in the Alps. Time for another oil change and check over, but then she’ll feel like new again and who knows we might even get some decent weather for me to enjoy on her!

A few H-D’s not riding out.


I thought this dragon was pretty cool on an Electra Glide.


Ride a White Swan!

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