The Long Road Ahead

Morning all!

It’s a bit grey here in Annecy, still hot though.

I forgot to mention that yesterday’s mileage was a mere 190, taking the trip total to 1363. Today is a long slog to Limoges, but passing through some lovely countryside, unfortunately also taking the Lyon ring road.

Stayed at AppartCity last night. This is a brilliant chain that offers serviced appartments in a number of different locations. I’ve used them before and I’m quite a fan, staying in another branch tonight as well. What is great is that you get your own kitchen, so you can do your own thing if you are minded.

The place was invaded by a Chinese Trade delegation last night and today at breakfast it is like being in Hong Kong Garden Takeaway, to quote Suzie and her Banshees!

Mind you they have an interesting take on mixing food, pain au chocolate with cheese? Hmm, I’ll pass on that!

Ok time to ride!


Petit St Bernard


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