Steaming On

Well, we’ve all just enjoyed an extended holiday weekend here in the U.K. and true to form it rained for most of the time in Cornwall! Which meant no motorcycling; no, I’m not a fair weather rider, it’s just a little silly to risk it on a brand new front tyre…particularly a skinny one like on the front of the Softail.

Being at a bit of loose end, I was very happy to get an invite to spend a day on the wonderful South Devon Railway, and get re-acquainted with the niceties of driving a standard gauge steam locomotive.

What a great day we had on a super little Class Two Standard Loco, number 78019, here she is at Totnes, before setting off on our last trip which, unusually, was a freight train.

So, a big thank you to my very good friend Bledd, for making it all possible and sharing the day with me! Diolch y’n fawr.

Shame that the rain did not let up until about six in the evening, but at least on a steam loco half of you is always dry cos that’s the side nearest to the fire!

A funny couple of facts link this type of loco and a Harley is that they both have two cylinders and are also very heavy for the power that they produce!!

Lets hope that the next post is about Harley on the road!


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