The Next Trip Revealed

Welcome back friend!

OK, so I guess it’s time to reveal where I’m off to this time……

Well, lets begin like this;

It was 1969, London was swinging,

England had a decent football team,

Wales won the Triple Crown and Five Nations Rugby (again!)

Michael Caine was still young,

so was Twiggy (but she looks better now!)

There were Mini’s everywhere…………..

…………..even in Italy and they had the Lamborghini Miura as well!

Yes folks its:

Click here, for the film intro experience, turn up the volume and ride back to the sixties.

Yep, I’m off to the Italian Alps, to find those roads, they are there and I gotta ride them!

The film intro was shot on two separate mountain passes in Northern Italy, the famous Grand San Bernardo and the lesser known Petit San Bernardo, both not far from Aosta.

I’ve loved this bit of cinematography since the first time I saw it in 1969 and now I’m going to find where it was shot and ride it for myself, come rain or shine!

On the way I’m taking in some of the classic mountain passes of the French Alps as seen on Le Tour de France. It will be interesting to see how Harley behaves at altitude, some of the roads are amongst the highest in Europe!!!

I’ll also make a brief visit to Switzerland, before heading back via Annecy and Limoges.

So what do you say? Are you up for it? Only 13 days to go before we ride!

Rock on!


PS Listen to that Lambo engine at 18 seconds in the video, magic!

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