Ring Out Solstice Bells 2021

Best wishes to you all on this Winter Solstice Day!

At exactly 15:59 GMT today the polar axis of our Planet Earth will have be tilted at its farthest away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere, giving us our shortest day of the year and marking the beginning of astronomical winter. This makes me a very happy Dookes, for though the days will be colder, they will also start to get longer!

Of course if you live South of the equator the reverse applies.

For my previous posts about the Dookes take on the Solstice please click here.

This year we have been doubly treated as there was a full “Winter Moon” last weekend.
For us Celts, with a feeling for the natural cycle of life, it doesn’t get much better than that!

The Winter Moon rising over a cold Cornish landscape.

In accordance with the old ways and as a Druid, I’m off to garland Dookes H.Q. now…and raise a glass to the setting sun.

In the meantime, however and whatever you are celebrating have a really good one!

“Ring out these bells,
Ring out,
Ring solstice bells”

Catch you soon,

6 thoughts on “Ring Out Solstice Bells 2021

  1. Hello Dookes and thanks for your continuing hog blogs!

    Serah and I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and everything that you would want from the year ahead.

    Keeeep blogging!

    Simon Swale M: 07870682605 E: loft@phonecoop.coop Sent from my iPad



  2. “We cheered the beans, and drank a toast, because tonight was mid-winter’s night, the night of the complicit kiss, and tomorrow the light would begin its return” – Kathleen Jamie
    Here’s to spring and the open road – all the best for the season – RJD.


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