Jack Frost

I love crystal clear frost kissed days. Those mornings when the blue sky really does stretch to infinity and the sub-zero air burns your lungs as you drink in the purity of it all. If you need it, you get reminded of the pure joy of being alive!
Our small corner of the world, poking out into the Gulf Stream warmed waters of the Atlantic Ocean, doesn’t get an awful lot of frosty days. Dookes H.Q. stands nearly 1000 feet above sea level and as a result we sometimes sneak an odd frosty morning while the rest of Cornwall basks in a sub-tropical bubble. More often, especially if there’s a South-Westerly wind, we just get mild rain!

We’ve had a couple of those crisp mornings over the last week and as usual I had a camera with me, so I hope you’ll excuse me a bit of self-indulgence and maybe enjoy some of the results; just click on an image to get the bigger picture.

“Countless drawings, endless sketches
On my window pane.
Master craftsman, skilled engraver,
Jack Frost is his name.”

Catch you soon.


12 thoughts on “Jack Frost

  1. Beautiful countryside Dookes and well captured, as usual. Sigma have just released an 85mm, very fast, sharp edge to edge and most competitive in pricing. Available with the Nikon mount too. I use the Nikon 85mm f1.4. It’s sharp as a tack and will focus down to 3feet. Not great by micro/macro standards but at 85mm the magnification makes up for it.

    I find it is easier to use than my Nikon 105 Micro/macro and I don’t need to cart around a tripod.

    Have a great Christmas, you never know what Santa will drop down the chimney.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your 2017 travels.

    Hoo roo for now.

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    • Thank you Bones.
      I’m very lucky, the countryside views are literally out looking over our garden hedge so I have a head start, other than that you are very kind.
      Good heads up stuff about different lenses, half the problem is that there are so many good ones to choose from!
      Have a great Celebration Season yourself and likewise I’m looking forward to more of your blog in ’17 too!
      Ride safe.


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